How To Write Cover Letters If You Are a Newbie

How To Write A Cover Letter For Newbies

Here at Digital Mined we have already written an article on how to write cover letters, however one reader got back to us asking if it would be possible to also create a guide for newbies starting out. The rules are pretty much the same, however, there might be some special considerations to be made. Because newbies do not have testimonials, the greatest experience, and know how to handle clients. All that might be new, and even scary. On top of that, you have to compete with people who can … [Read more...]

How I Built a Full-Time Customer Base

How To Build Your Customer Base

A few months ago Alex wrote an article on how he gets clients to pay extra without having to ask. It was so popular that it was shared more than a 100 times. So, we had to ask him to write for you again. This time he explains how he built up his customer base.  As I’ve written in my previous article I’ve started working as a freelancer two and a half years ago, at that time I lost most of my time applying to jobs and get hired for just a few (I think I was interviewed for about 5% and get hired … [Read more...]

How To Make Money on Freelancer

How To Make Money On Freelancer

Here at Digital Mined we have written very little about Freelancer - partly because personally, we have had more experience with oDesk and Elance. The feedback we have received from freelancers we have spoken with about the Freelancer platform has, to put it mildly, been very mixed. However, whilst writing the book “7 Steps To Making Money on Freelancer”, we quickly discovered that the platform opens up unique opportunities that neither of the other platforms have. has … [Read more...]

How To Deal With Rejection As a Freelancer

Rejection - It Will Be Ok

Colby Wolford is a freelance editor and tutor from the US who can be reached on He got so passionately involved in a discussion in a forum on LinkedIn that he practically wrote most of this article in one of his replies. Since he really impressed us with his writing, we simply asked him to put a few paragraphs before and after so we could share his advice with you: One of the toughest challenges humans face is coping with rejection. As a freelancer, you are going to … [Read more...]

3 Strategies to Help You Get Past Conflicts With Clients

3 Strategies to Help You Get Past Conflicts With Clients

Getting past conflicts with clients is an often challenging but essential skill for any successful freelancer. It’s easy - in fact its natural - to let discrepancies with the individual who pays you to bring you down and de-motivate you, though the best and most loyal clients are the ones who stick with you despite such situations. If you’re the type of freelancer who bails at the first sign of conflict, then I would recommend you take note of what’s to come before you head into a very limiting … [Read more...]